We believe that even B2B software should be easy to use and setup, like software produced for the consumer market. Therefore, we have created an all inclusive based enterprise subscription plan where you pay for one month at the time. It’s easier than ever to try it out. We are of course convinced that you will be thrilled, but if you for some reason don’t like it, just stop use it after a month.



Track offers your company real time tracking for all your vehicles and detailed emission reports that takes both utilization and actual fuel consumption from each individual truck into account, in combination with precise and easy-to-use performance and cost analysis tools. Project the Track view on a wall to create a logistics control center in your office.


Most companies don’t know what happens when their trucks leave the terminals, both in terms of exact and detailed information about the delivery status and the positions of the vehicles, combined with the current traffic situation. Therefore, when the planning is done and the trucks leave the terminals, the operational decision support have been very limited.


Today, smartphones with GPS are more accurate than ever, therefore Track utilize the driver’s smartphones instead of expensive hardware that need to be installed in the trucks. The app allows for individual settings for each vehicle in regards to fuel consumption, load capacity, etc. and knows the exact order status and utilization at any given time and location. The combination of the information makes the data collection and reporting more precise than ever.


  • Real time tracking of vehicles
  • Real time order status monitoring
  • Unlimited amount of vehicles to track (app)
  • Live traffic information
  • Proof of Delivery functionality
  • Support for individual exception codes
  • Image sharing of delivered goods
  • Emission analysis module
  • Performance analysis module
  • Cost analysis module
  • Full database of deliveries
  • Email with real time pre-notification to receiver

Get started

  1. Create an account and login.
  2. Add your vehicles and create accounts for your drivers, under "My Company". Drivers must register and download the free app to their smartphones.
  3. Generate an order file (CVS or XLS) and upload it to Farewell.
  4. Define a list of descriptions/codes for your drivers to choose from and report back to you when they deliver the goods.
  5. Congratulations, Farewell is now setup and ready to use.

How it works


Create/upload order to Farewell inbox Receive/confirm order & send to driver Monitor delivery in real time Analyze

Action required by

Web user Web user Web user Web user

Visibility of process

Web user Web user Web user Web user


Web Web Web / Smartphone Web

Order file (CSV/XLS) Confirmation of pickup and delivery by signature in smartphone app


Upload a CSV/XLS order file into Farewell, by pressing the + button in the inbox view. This can also be done automatically, but it requires an IT integration project. It’s recommended to be done manually during the test phase, to avoid complexity and cost. Easily sort the orders and send the assignments to the drivers smartphones. Follow your vehicles and orders, via the drivers smartphone app, in real time, from the moment the drivers have picked up the goods all the way to the delivery. Farewell will present information about accidents, traffic jam, orders that are about to be late, expected delivery time, among other things. To help you divert your trucks through the traffic. As soon as the goods has been delivered, it will be available in the analytics module, where you are able to analyse performance, environmental impact and cost. Easier and more precise than ever.

Something more tailormade

If the above does not suit your needs, don’t worry, we can tailor a solution based on your individual needs. Contact us to find out more about our solutions.

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