Track is a next generation traffic control software that provides precise information and insights regarding your shipments and the traffic situation – in real time.




Proactive traffic control

Leave your reactive behavior behind. Track allows you to follow your vehicles and orders, as well as related delays, congestions and road accidents in real time – helping you operate your transport business in a proactive manner instead of waiting for things to pass certain checkpoints before you get the chance to act.

Precise emission footprint

While your focus is on delivering the best possible logistics service to your customers, Farewell automatically tracks utilisation, fuel type and consumption on each individual vehicle, at any given time. Therefore we are able to calculate and provide you with a very precise emission footprint of each individual shipment – in real time.

Tank-to-wheels energy consumption
2 215 187 MJ
Tank-to-wheels GHG emissions
167 484 kgCO2e
Well-to-wheels energy consumption
2 765 135 MJ
Well-to-wheels GHG emissions
202 498 kgCO2e

Get started easy - anywhere

Everything you need is accessible via your web browser, just make sure your drivers install our app on their smartphones (or Optidev mobile device) and your IT-infrastructure is in place. When registered and setup, all you need to do is to create an order that describes what to send, from where, and to whom, press send – and you are up and running. Easier than ever.

Farewell also supports easy uploading of Excel and CSV files, as well as more complex integrations via EDI and web services, contact us for an individual assessment if you are interested in setting up such a service.

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Every company and supply chain has its challenges and opportunities. Besides the positive feelings you get when working in a unique system, we have listed some benefits with Farewell below.

5-15% reduced transport cost and emissions

Due to improved capability to avoid heavy traffic.

5-10% reduced transport admin cost

Due to precise and easy accessible emission and performance statistics.

5-25% improved planning of staging area

Increased visibility and alerts helps you to avoid redundant preparation work when a truck miss a delivery slot.

5-30% improved vehicle utilisation

Due to increased awareness of empty capacity lanes.

10-40% less customer service calls

Improved service towards customers due to link sent with realtime info regarding the order status to the goods receiver.


Road transport are one of the largest contributors to global warming. It would take a forest larger than Germany and the UK combined to soak up the greenhouse gas emissions of EU’s trucks, buses and coaches. With Farewell, you will increase your operational efficiency and cut your trucks’ emissions. Keep track of emissions and use calculations by Farewell’s environment module as the basis to climate compensate for your carbon footprint.


Outdoor air pollution in cities and rural areas caused an estimated 3.7 million premature deaths worldwide in 2012. Evidently all large industries generate hazardous emissions, but the transport industry has a more direct impact on peoples health; particles emitted at street level does more harm to us, simply because we breath the air at street level. Shifting to low-emission vehicles and cleaner fuels will only take us so far. Smarter and efficient operations will get us further.

Why we do what we do

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It's time to say Farewell

It's now easier than ever to get a traffic control system that provides new insights and opportunities. Read more about our subscription plans below and get started today.



We believe that even B2B software should be easy to use and setup, like software produced for the consumer market. Therefore, we have created an all inclusive based enterprise subscription plan where you pay for one month at the time. It’s easier than ever to try it out. We are of course convinced that you will be thrilled, but if you for some reason don’t like it, just stop use it after a month.


– Real time tracking of vehicles
– Real time order status monitoring
– Live traffic information
– Swift vehicle and order localization
– Email with real time pre-notification to receiver (optional)
– Real time delivery achievement measure (of daily tasks)
– Emission analysis module
– Performance analysis module

More alternatives

If you are a goods owner / logistics buyer, or if the above solution does not suit your operations, we have other solutions to fulfill your needs and if you are looking for something unique, we can always customize a solution based on your individual preferences. Contact us to find out more about our solutions.

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