Digital transformation 1:15

the digital
of logistics

Logistics is changing fast. Increased capacity demand, higher expectations on quicker deliveries and streamlined budgets, or simply:

Deliver more, faster, for less.

This disruptive new reality requires everyone to rethink how they work.

Digital transformation is the first leap – already sprung by a few. But the promise of modern technologies alone are not enough for the challenges ahead.

Innovative ideas, powerful enough to change logistics at the core can only come from new ways of working.


How to run your logistics business at the speed now required

  • A digital roadmap, firmly based on the corporate strategy
  • Evaluated prototypes for rapid change
  • New ways of working to accelerate innovation

Introducing the Advance program

We know the fastest way forward is working within interdisciplinary teams that dare use new methods.

Decision-making processes must rely on tested prototypes rather than conventional strategy PowerPoints.

No more large-scale IT projects, no big investments. We help create an environment where smaller teams can test bigger ideas, uncovering eye-opening insights. So you can run your logistics business at the speed now required.

Farewell today.
Hello tomorrow.


A nimble product suite on a state-of-the-art technical plattform


Book is simple. Book transport like you always have, but for less.

We built a digital product that is a co-operative of sorts. By allowing Farewell to negotiate your transport contracts together with others we can buy transport in bulk quantities at a better price.

Book also learns how you book – when, what, to whom, etc. and saves it for later. To become smarter.

  • Seamless WebService integration
  • Powers your current ERP system with Machine Learning capabilities
  • Intuitive node interface


Talk is a platform for real-time conversation, designed to remove the barriers between companies and their customers created by standardised delivery notifications.

Less “the transportation of the shipment has started” and more “Dear Lisa, traffic is light so your running shoes will touchdown at 14:15, time to get home.”

Don’t let someone else speak for you, own the conversation with custom messaging and automated notifications – all the way home.

  • Custom messaging
  • Automated notifications
  • Geofence alerts and actions


Track is a next generation traffic control software that allows you to follow your vehicles and orders in real time.

Instant information about delays, congestions and road accidents help you operate your transport business in a proactive manner – instead of waiting for things to pass certain checkpoints before you get the chance to act.

Learn more

  • Proactive traffic control
  • Easy to understand order monitoring
  • Smartphone app or Optidev mobile device


View provides precise information and insights regarding your contracted shipments and the traffic situation – in real time. And with easy-to-use performance and cost analysis tools you get a better idea of what’s going on in your outsourced supply chain.

  • Real time shipment information
  • Swift and responsive analytics module
  • Proof of delivery database