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We guide our clients within the complex fields of logistics and IT in order to identify and implement game changing strategies and products – and thereby create competitive edge.

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From digital know-how to traditional business etiquette, algorithmic optimization to large-scale commercial contracts, international boardrooms to driving pallet trucks in storerooms. We bring the versatile experience required to accelerate your business.

Our advisory services is designed to make our customers achieve their strategies within logistics and we always deliver them with a hands on approach.

To further increase the speed of the digital transformation, we are also continuously developing and releasing our own products. Enabling a swift, powerful & innovative leap in the digital transformation of your business. So you can run your logistics business at the speed now required.

To succeed in the supply chain business requires perspective. Because logistics is a business of details. Missing a single piece of information will be critical to the performance.

This disruptive new reality requires everyone to rethink how they work. It’s a great challenge – and we find great potential in it.

Farewell Today. Hello Tomorrow.


Our advisory

By bringing unique experience together with a progressive thinking and a hands on approach we make sure that our clients deliver their strategies.

Solution design
  • Centre of Gravity
  • Warehouse Costing
  • Warehouse Process Design
  • Layouts
Logistics Assessment
  • Supply Chain Structure
  • Transport Setup
  • Warehouse Efficiency
Training Programmes
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Sales & Key Account
  • Solution Design
Value Based Proposals
  • Value Creation Assessment
  • Presentation Structure
  • Win Tactics
Commercial Tactics
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • LOI / Agreement Structure
  • KPI Setup
Tech Evaluation
  • Technology Assessment

Our product

Farewell provides a nimble but powerful product suite based on state-of-the-art technical platform.

Farewell has invested in developing state-of- the art logistics IT-components that, based on comprehensive experience and unique behind-the-scenes insights in the logistics arena, address existing structural IT-problems or areas with significant tech improvement potential in the logistics industry. These components/modules, already developed and paid for, are made available to our clients to further customize them into their unique businesses and thereby enable a leap in their digitalization journeys.

The aim of the investment is to swiftly upgrade the industry’s legacy system solutions, in order to enable companies to utilize the full potential in state-of-the-art IT. The modular IT-components function as a foundation for companies to customize and adopt to their business, to maximize their unique value proposition to its customers.



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Board of directors

Magnus Ryd
Magnus Ryd
Investor & COB

Cross sector investor with comprehensive experience within company governance, business development and executive management.

Karsten Inde
Karsten Inde
Investor & Board Member

Multi-industry investor and entrepreneur.

Extensive experience from building companies within the health care sector.

Peter Nilsson
Peter Nilsson
Board Member

Over 20 years' experience in the logistics industry whereof the last 11 years as CEO.

Experienced Board member and advisor to the Private Equity industry.

Måns Fajerson
Måns Fajerson
Board Member

An experienced leader with a successful record from several board assignments & leading positions in a number of large international industrial companies.

Mikael Jinglöv
Mikael Jinglöv
Board Member & CEO

Over 24 years in the logistics industry covering Europe, Middle East and Asia in various roles covering senior executive management, operations & business development.

Johan Gustavsson
Johan Gustavsson
Board Member & CCO
In excess of 20 years in the IT & logistics industry covering commercial, account & project management, sales and development and transformational growth.
Joakim Lundborg
Joakim Lundborg
Board Member & CDO

Over 10 years in the logistics industry covering, supply chain engineering, optimization, IT-development, Project Management, Sales & Strategy.